Sunday, January 29, 2012

Basic Functions of Canon T1i, T2i, and T3i

Many of these posts on my blog are for my own reference so that I can quickly go back and find the really helpful videos that I like without having to search for them again on YouTube.  If you are like me, I need to see these tutorials several times before it finally sinks in to my memory.  

In my previous post, I shared 3 video links that talked about the basics of Photography.  That is, the role of ISO, Aperture, and Shutter Speed.  I also talked about the Histogram, Metering, and the different shooting modes (M, Av, Tv, and P).  

This video I'm sharing today shows how to find all of those functions (plus a few others like White Balance, Timers, etc) on the Canon T1i, T2i, and T3i.  These are very popular entry level DSLR models (and I have the T1i), so here's a helpful video on how to use your new camera.

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