Monday, February 6, 2012

Google Apps Email & CNAME Records for and

Setting Up EMAIL MX RECORDS for Google Apps
in or

When you log into your or site, you'll select Manage Domains.  There will be a list of all the domains you own. Click the Domain that you want to setup Gmail or Special CNAME records for Google Apps.

Near the bottom of the page you'll click the MANAGE link next to Email Forwarding.

Check the box next to Disable Forwarding and click the UPDATE button.

Now go back to the DNS Management screen.  The screenshot below shows how these settings should look after completing all of the instructions below. As of this writing, the MX Record settings are shown below.  
You may want to let the Google Apps Setup screens give you these as they may change from time to time.

Once you've added these MX records, you'll have to wait several hours for Google Apps to recognize the changes.  After that, you'll have your email set up for your new domain.  And the great part is it works exactly like gMail. So setup on your smart phone is very easy and will be the same as setting up a gmail account.


By default, the different apps under your domain will have links like the following:
an so on...

You may want to change these to a more simplified link such as:
and so on...

To do this, you'll need to add the following CNAME records.  This is also done in the DNS Management section.

To add the record for Google Calendars, you simply put "Calendar" in the Sub Domain box, and in the CNAME record box.  For Google Documents, you put "docs" in the Sub Domain box, and in the CNAME record box.

This is fairly straight forward, but the screenshot above will show you what it will look like on or after these CNAME records have been added.

Redirecting URL to your new Google Site 

Once you complete the CNAME records, you will create your new Google Site.  You will log into your Google account, go to the Sites page, and create a new site.  This site will have a URL like

Now you will want to redirect your URL to your new Google Website.  This is done in the URL Forward section of DNS Management on  Here is a screenshot of those settings.

This may take an hour or two to propagate through the internet, but within a few hours you should have your email account and your website account set up under your new web address.

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